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感染症・ジフテリアの物語 RT @nytimesscience First Mention: A Diphtheria Cure, 1894

ホルモンで老化を止める?外国の人は無茶なことを・・・。やっぱり適度な運動とバランスのよい食事だよね。 Diet and exercis vs Hormone? RT @HarvardHealth Growth hormone not safe or effective in slowing aging, reports...-

寝ると脳は勝手に勉強してくれる?寝ないと・・・ Nap... RT @sciencenewsorg FOR KIDS: Dreaming makes perfect: A new study connects dreams with learning a new skill

ホルモンの利用は難しいね。 RT @nytimesscience Vital Signs: Use of Hormonal Birth Control Is Linked to Sexual Dysfunction

酵素もまだまだいろんな工夫ができるんだね。 Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)... RT @physorg_com New technique permits development of enzyme tool kit

白衣をみると血圧上がっちゃうんです・・・ Really? RT @nytimesscience Really?: The Claim: ‘White-Coat Hypertension’ is Nothing to Worry About

糖尿病性網膜症・治療 Diabetic retinopathy... RT @NIHforHealth Research Matters: Study Confirms New Treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema

全ゲノム分析による治療対策 Targeted interventions RT @NIHforHealth Research Matters: Patient's Whole Genome Reveals Disease and Medication Risks

統合失調症と自閉症に関係が?遺伝子 The common genetic variations... RT @sciam Schizophrenia shares genetic links with autism, genome study shows

産学官連携で腎臓の状態を知るバイオマーカー初 First fruits of a collaboration between academia, industry and regulators. RT @NatureNews Biomarkers for kidney damage

マウス君の、お父さんを認識する細胞?人にも?Human too? RT @NatureNews New brain cells help mouse dads recognize offspring

人の違いは何だろうね。What makes two individuals different? RT @sciam Genomics goes beyond DNA sequence
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