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-#relax RT @asahi
今だけの姿見て 下関の水族館にアザラシの赤ちゃん

・感染症 Infectious diseases
-#anthorax RT @physorg_com
Researchers publish scientific paper on 2001 anthrax attacks
-#vCJD RT @bbchealth
VIDEO: Man loses his 10-year vCJD battle
-#malaria RT @NIHforHealth
Research Matters: Fungi Developed to Fight Malaria in Mosquitoes
-#CDC RT @CDCgov
Have you taken the @CDCgov Twitter survey? Click here to help us serve you better.
-#HIV RT @NIHforHealth
News: NIH Study Examines Best Time for Healthy HIV-infected People to Begin Antiretrovirals
-#tuberculosis RT @naturejapan
結核菌の可視化 (Nature Chemical Biology): NPG Nature Asia-Pacific

・がん Cancer
-#colon RT @CDC_Cancer
It's #ColonCancer Awareness Month. Get free posters, brochures, fact sheets in English& Spanish
-#DAXX #ATRX #MEN1 #mTOR RT @sciencemagazine
A rare but deadly form of human pancreatic cancer harbors mutations
-#laminin RT @physorg_com
Researchers illuminate laminin's role in cancer formation

・免疫 Immunology
-#CXCL12 #sclerosis RT @physorg_com
Multiple sclerosis blocked in mouse model

・肥満・糖尿病 Diabetes

・循環器 Cardiovascular
-#SNP RT @naturejapan
冠動脈疾患に関連する遺伝的多型 (Nature Genetics): NPG Nature Asia-Pacific

・心・脳・神経 Mental/ Brain/ Neurology
-#addiction RT @physorg_com
Genetic makeup and duration of abuse reduce the brain's neurons in drug addiction
-#sleep RT @JohnsHopkins
SPH Healthy Monday tip of the week, advice for healthy #sleep. #insomnia
-#ABLs #alzheimer RT @physorg_com
Scientists discover class of potent anti-cancer compounds
-#autism RT @sciam
Knowing Me, Knowing You: How Social Intuition Goes Awry in Autism
-#diagnosis RT @naturejapan
侵襲性の非常に小さいダウン症診断法 (Nature): NPG Nature Asia-Pacific

・呼吸器 respiratory
-#smoking RT @bbchealth
Most smokers 'would want to quit'

・その他の病気 Others
-#pain RT @nytimesscience
Patient Voices: Pain, Persistence, Family: Sickle Cell Disease
-#diet RT @physorg_com
New insight into why poor diet during pregnancy negatively affects offspring's health
-#psychiatrist RT @TIMEHealthland
Do we really need psychiatrists to do therapy? |

・診断 Diagnosis
-#imaging RT @newscientist
Handheld camera that sees through objects is portable answer to the full body scanner
-#diagnosis RT @naturejapan
ヒト幹細胞の簡単な多能性検定法 (Nature Methods): NPG Nature Asia-Pacific

・デバイス Device

・基礎研究他 Basic research
-#spiral RT @physorg_com
Glowing spirals: Chemical scaffolds guide living cells into precisely defined
-#DNA RT @physorg_com
DNA better than eyes when counting endangered species
-#DNA RT @physorg_com
DNA better than eyes when counting endangered species
-#SGLT1 #KATP # T1r #T1r3 RT @physorg_com
How sweet it is: Why your taste cells love sugar so much
-#biotech RT @physorg_com
Building biological computers

・企業 Company

-とても大切 RT 数字の「魔性」に注意を - 川本 裕子 - 新聞案内人 :新s あらたにす(日経・朝日・読売)
-#education RT @whitehouse
New “Advise the Advisor” is up: Tell Melody Barnes how education is working, or
-#Facebook RT @physorg_com
Study: Facebook photo sharing reflects focus on female appearance
-#water RT @CDCgov
Learn more about the water you drink and use every day during Ground Water Awareness Week.
-#biz RT @TIMEHealthland
Stress is unhealthy, so start lowering it by addressing money woes with @TIME's list of
-#Hand2 RT @NIHforHealth
Research Matters: Protein Helps Pregnancy Proceed
-#RNAi RT @physorg_com
Suggesting genes' friends, Facebook-style
-日本の女性は元気だね。 東京ガールズコレクション'11 S/S|開催概要
-#airplane RT @asahi
I uploaded a YouTube video -- 全日空B-787フライトシミュレーター公開
-#prediction RT @FortuneMagazine
10 Predictions for 2030

-#photo RT @AdobeCS_jp
『【レポート】アドビ製品とデジタル一眼レフカメラで映像制作に取り組むクリエイターたち』マイコミジャーナル( @mj_create ) #CS5_jp
-#useful RT @AdobeCS_jp
『Photoshop CS5の新機能 第19回 「コンテンツに応じる」編集機能の総ざらい①』Shuffle( @genkoshacp ) #CS5_jp
-RT @AdobeCS_jp
Adobe Photoshop CS5の新機能を、作例を交えながら紹介する連載です。今回は「コンテンツに応じる」編集機能について進化の過程などを振り返りながら解説しています。 #CS5_jp
-#usesul RT @AdobeCS_jp
「古代の象形文字をモチーフにした絵文字フリーフォント18個まとめ」Photoshop Vip( @photoshopvip ) #CS5_jp

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